Roof Coating in Thornton, CO

Keeping your business’s roof in top condition isn’t just a matter of looks—it can have a direct impact on your business itself. A roof coating can help make your building more energy efficient by reflecting heat from sunlight, while increasing your roof’s durability and eliminating developing leaks. If you need help with roof coating in Thornton, CO, Modern Roof Co is here to provide the assistance you need.

Roof Coating in Thornton, CO

In Thornton, most businesses are constructed with low-slope roofs. Often called “flat” roofs, low-slope roofs actually do have a slight pitch, less than 2/12, to help drain water. Most roofs use a single-ply membrane or a built-up bitumen system. However, both roof styles benefit from the application of a roof coating.

Roof coatings are applied as liquids, which dries to create a waterproof membrane that’s both seamless and permanently adhered to your roof. And because there are a number of colors available, you can make your roof coating silver, white, clear, or just about any other color.

Choosing a Roof Coating Material

When it comes to roof coating material, there are two types available to business owners in Thornton. While both acrylic and silicone coatings will protect your roof, they provide different forms of protection. The experts at Modern Roof Co. can help you decide which roof coating makes the most sense for your business based on your needs and your budget.

Roof coating of industrial building


An acrylic roof coating involves spreading a liquid polymer across the surface of your roof. It spreads like paint, but when the polymer dries it creates a much more durable, waterproof plastic membrane. While the paint dries to a thickness of about 3-5 mils, the acrylic coating creates a membrane about 30 mils thick, or 5-10x thicker than paint. We also offer white roof coating, silver roof coating, and a variety of other colors to suit your style.

When you choose an acrylic coating, you’ll get the following benefits:

  • Weatherproofing
  • Dirt resistance, so your roof will stay cleaner longer
  • UV reflection, lowering cooling costs
  • Cost-effective materials
  • Option to make your roof coating white, silver, or another color


Like acrylic, silicone roof coatings are also applied as liquids and dry to form a seamless, waterproof membrane. The difference is the type of material, as silicone creates a more rubber-like membrane than the plastic shell of an acrylic roof coating. Silicone does tend to be more expensive than acrylic; however, it also has its benefits:

  • Higher durability compared to acrylic
  • Algae- and mold-resistant
  • Reflects UV light better than acrylic
  • Stands up to cracks resulting from natural expansion and contraction of your roof

Advantages of a Roof Coating

At Modern Roof Co. our goal is to provide our customers with roofing options that are going to keep their buildings secure while also saving them money. With a roof coating, you’ll not only maximize your savings, you’ll limit the amount of time you have to spend worrying about the state of your roof. Here’s how:

Energy Efficiency

If your commercial property has a dark roof, then your business is going to end up absorbing a lot of excess heat from the sun, especially during the summer. When that happens, you end up spending much more on your cooling bills than you would with a light-colored roof.

Because paint only creates a very thin layer, it tends to flake or chip very easily under constant sunlight, and weather like snow, rain, and hail can accelerate the process. But with the durability of a roof coating, you won’t have to repaint every year. And with a white or silver roof coating, you’ll reflect up to 90% of the UV rays from the sun. If you’re hoping to get LEED certification, a roof coating is a must.


Your business’s roof should be expected to last between 15-40 years, depending on the construction. But with a roof coating, you can add years to that lifespan, helping protect your roof from hail damage and other debris while also preventing leaks by adding another layer of waterproofing.

Leak Sealing and Prevention

Because it’s applied as a liquid, your roof coating material gets into the small cracks or holes that may have formed in your roof, helping seal it. It also helps further leaks from developing by preventing water from getting into your roof and causing more damage.

Roof Coating in Thornton, CO

If you want more information about roof coatings, contact Modern Roof Co. today. Our team of experts specialize in roof coating Thornton homes and businesses. Let us help you choose the right roof coating for your business—contact us today for your FREE estimate!

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