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The truth is, every structure will need to have its roof replaced at some point. Modern Roof Co is a top-notch metal roofing company for commercial and residential properties. Our professionals are on hand to assist with re-roofing services caused by weather damage or natural wear and tear.

We have been re-roofing and replacing roofs for over 20 years, and we have completed hundreds of projects. You can trust us with your metal roofing and replacement services.

Why You Need Metal Roofing

Homeowners seek roof repair and replacement services for a variety of reasons. When your roof is old and worn out, you will require roof replacement services. With that said, the best way to be prepared is to always be on the lookout for damage.

Regular asphalt and wood shingles endure around 20 years, while rubber roofs last 30-50 years.  Metallic roofs may last up to 75 years before there’s a need to contact a roof replacement firm.

Roofing, however, does not always live to the end of its lifespan. Accidents and unpredictable weather happen, especially during hail and snowstorms. There is no need to worry if you need roof replacement services sooner than expected. Modern Roof Co is here to assist with your new metal roofing project.

Since roofing replacement is such a big decision, choosing the proper roofing materials is critical. Metal roofing replacement choices are popular because they give you aesthetics and long-term durability options.

Our metal roofing services will improve the look of your house and provide long-term benefits. That’s why metal Roof Replacement is one of our most popular services.

Lone Tree CO Metal Roof Replacement

What Makes Metal Roofs So Special?

Steel, aluminum, copper, and zinc are the most frequent materials used in metal roof replacement. While some homeowners like metal’s natural aesthetic appeal, others prefer shingles for their more conventional appearance. Fortunately, the design of some metal roofing mimics the look of shingles, shakes, or even slate.

Replacing the existing roof with a metal roof turns it into what is known as a cool roof. The phrase “cool roof” refers to a top that is energy efficient. Not to mention, in the summer, the metal roofing materials will reflect heat up and away from your house and absorb it during the winter.

Signs That It Is Time To Replace Your Metal Roof

Roof replacement is a phrase that homeowners don’t want to hear. It is, nevertheless, a necessary element of maintaining your property’s long-term reliability. Most homeowners prefer metal roofs because they may endure for more than 50 to 70 years — and even longer with proper roofing care.

However, even metal roofs are susceptible to difficulties such as water damage. Here are three clear indications that you need to replace your metal roof.

1. Flimsy And Brittle

Standing seam metal roofing materials are dense and substantial. Once corrosion eats the core steel material, the previously solid and thick material becomes fragile. A corroded, weak metal roof panel may be rapidly cracked and degraded by blunt force.

2. Rust and corrosion

Rust on your metal roof is most likely the cause of discolored roofing material. An acrylic coating may provide extra protection. However, if your roof’s steel core has corroded and given way, it is best to replace the whole metal roofing system.

3. Aged Roofing

Roofing materials, especially metal roofs, begin to deteriorate after 30 years. Although metal roofs are high-quality, various conditions, such as salty air and acid rain, may shorten their lifespan.

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You will either replace your present roof with metal roof replacement or install the new roof on top.

You have various metal roofing choices depending on your particular tastes and budget. The experienced professionals will work with you to guarantee your satisfaction. Regardless of your choice, we’ll ensure you get a long-lasting roof that meets your demands.

If you own a house or company in Lone Tree, CO, it is essential to have roof replacement services performed by experts with proven experience. We’ve been replacing roofs since 2001, and we stand behind our work with a five-year craftsmanship guarantee.

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