Commercial Roof Replacement in Highlands Ranch

Why is roof maintenance is important in the Highlands Ranch area? The roof is the first line of defense, protecting the entire property, including workers and customers from the elements. Roof repair is time-sensitive nature! Thus, it is important that businesses in Highlands Ranch choose a reputable and well-established commercial roof replacement business.

Modern Roof Co. has many years of experience in commercial roof replacement. We use professional contractors to handle roof repairs on all Highlands Ranch commercial properties.

Commercial roofs are strong and engineered to withstand wear and tear, but even the best-made roof may need repairs and replacement at some point. A leaking roof exposes your building’s structure to rain, wind, and wind-blown debris. It also puts your building’s contents in danger.

Commercial Roof Replacement In Highlands Ranch

4 Signs You Need Commercial Roof Replacement

If you pay attention to your roof, you will be able to detect typical commercial roof problems early on and prevent severe damage that may result in costly repairs. Your roof may not be able to communicate with you, but it will alert you to any potential problems. However, at some point, the best option might be to replace the roof completely. The following are signs that you need to replace your commercial roof.

Blisters and Bubbles

Bubbling or blistering in the roofing surface may be caused by a combination of excessive moisture, heat, and time. The blisters enable moisture entry, which may cause severe damage to your roof’s structure and necessitate replacement.

Water infiltration

If you experience regular water penetration, examine the leak history and repairs when checking for moisture buildup on the roof. Note that the membrane surface may seem to be in excellent condition, but there could be damage due to trapped moisture under the surface, which means the roof must be replaced. The inspectors may also inspect for damage in other places, such as broken ceiling tiles, water stains, holes, and punctures.

Water infiltration not only damages the structure of your business building but may also lead to the development of mold and mildew if left unattended. Mold and mildew bacteria must be halted, or they may pose severe health hazards to workers in the building. Water pools add additional weight to the framework of the building. Water, seepage, and moisture wreak havoc on roof supports, causing corrosion and rotting in sections of the roof constructed of wood or metal.

Roof Membranes

In addition to looking for indications of uplift from high winds, the general condition of the roof membrane must be examined. Corners, seams, and parapets are all typical issue locations to inspect. Remember that building regulations need a particular uplift factor, and if you are not sure how this works, talk to your roofing contractor. During the inspection, our roofing professionals can conduct a wind-uplift test.

Damaged Flashing

Water will seep into the roof structure and into the building if the roof flashing is broken or has gaps.

Commercial Roof Replacement In Highlands Ranch

Repairing vs. Replacing A Commercial Roof

In some cases, it seems simpler and cheaper to repair your roof. However, if your roof has been damaged by water absorption, erosion, or excessive rust (if it is a metal roof), you probably need a replacement. This also applies if the roof has exceeded its normal age, typically above 20 years.

If the incorrect roofing material or application was utilized when the roof was first built, you may need a commercial roof replacement.

The professionals at Modern Roof Co. are skilled in determining the best solution for a variety of locations, weather situations, and building types.

About Highlands Ranch

With a population of 105,631, Highlands Ranch is a Denver suburb. Located in Douglas County, Highlands Ranch is regarded one of Colorado’s finest places to live.

Highlands Ranch inhabitants enjoy a sparse suburban atmosphere, and the majority of homeowners own their houses. There are many coffee shops and parks in Highlands Ranch.

Hire A Professional For Your Commercial Roofing Replacement

Regular roof inspections are the simplest method to keep ahead of roof catastrophes. Modern Roof Co has experienced contractors ready to provide roofing assistance and roofing help. Our team has the knowledge and experience to spot potential problems before they become serious.

Regular roof maintenance may help you prevent costly emergency commercial roofing repairs. Regular inspections and maintenance can also help you avoid the downtime that comes with large business roof repairs or, in the worst-case scenario, replacement.

If you have decided that a commercial roof replacement in Highlands Ranch is necessary, we can help. With several years of providing high-quality roof services to businesses in the Highland Ranch area, determining the optimal roofing system option for your company is easy for us.

We provide a high-quality product at a reasonable price, and you can rely on us to give a high-quality solution with each product.

To arrange an inspection or to schedule your highlands ranch roof replacement, contact us now.