Residential Roof Replacement in Englewood, CO

Although many Englewood residents may expect something like a new roof to last for a long time, they are far from invincible, and each house will ultimately need roof replacement services. Residential roof replacements are guaranteed for more than 20 years after installation or when a roof reaches the end of its useful life.

If you roof is older than 20 years and even if you are not seeing physical damage such as missing existing shingles or damaged roofing materials, it is time for a replacement.

Replacing your roof in a timely manner is important for your overall safety as your roof protects the rest of your property.

Modern Roof Co offers world-class Englewood roof replacement services to the local area at any time and executes outstanding re-roofing work that will leave your roof flawless and safe.

Residential Roof Replacement in Englewood

Residential Roof Replacement

Roof replacement is usually a once-in-a-lifetime project, aside from the damage caused by severe weather. Therefore, this is a great chance to think about what upgrades and performance features will best complement your house and add to its value and curb appeal.

Replacing your roof is the perfect time to consider upgrades such as increased energy efficiency, impact resistance, weather and wind resistance, and even solar, rainwater collecting, and green roofing components to consider.

Our advice is to take advantage of this chance to enhance your roof.

Roof Structures

The components that make up your roof work together as a system, with each carefully selected to work in tandem with others to guarantee high-performance functioning that lasts for many years. That is why extended warranties are only offered when a roof is replaced as a complete system, since only then can every variable in the design and construction be taken into consideration.

If you decide to repair your current roof, it may seem to be the less costly choice at first look. However, when compared against the value and security of knowing that replacing your roof system is a long-term, guaranteed solution, repairs may not be your best option. The types of roofing include metal slate, asphalt shingles, flat and low-slope roofs, wood shingles, and tile.

Below are the processes involved in residential roof replacement.


The roof replacement operation starts with a thorough inspection of the existing state of the roof. For replacement, all roofing components are physically and visually examined.

Replacement Plan

The measurements obtained during the inspection step define the degree of roof replacement.

Some of the significant variables that determine a complete restoration project include the number of components, the area span, and levels.

Evaluating Options

We will allow you to select from several manufacturers for the materials and color choices for your replacement.

Energy efficiency, impact resistance, longevity, and warranty duration are all common objectives.


To avoid further damage to roof substructures, damaged and worn roofing components are removed manually by our certified roofing contractors. We strive to ensure the that we keep your roofing deck from curing unnecessary roofing costs and further damage. Thus, we will do a great job in protecting your roof and home throughout the removal process.

After that, they are gently lowered to the ground and placed in a designated trash receptacle. Then, the old parts depending on the building or home’s objectives, are either discarded or recycled.


A team of hand-trained installers supervised by a field supervisor installs the new roofing components according to manufacturer specifications. To guarantee manufacturer warranty each roof is constructed using the most up-to-date installation techniques by manufacturer-certified installers.

Finishing up

Final cleaning removes any loose debris, including a magnetic sweep for nails and metal roofing components. Before signing off, a quality control expert physically inspects the installation operation for workmanship quality.

To guarantee complete satisfaction, they will check with the building owner, property manager, or homeowner.

Residential Roof Replacement in Englewood

Roof Replacement In Englewood With Modern Roof Co

To ensure quality, one of our account managers is designated to you during the length of your Englewood home’s reroofing job. Additionally, an experienced roof replacement unit contractor will handle your roof.

During each stage of the procedure, this individual will be available to answer any questions or issues you may have, as well as serve as a liaison between you and your insurance carrier during the complex claims process that comes with roof replacement services.

About Englewood

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Roof replacement and residential roof repair services are available from Modern Roof Co. Regardless of whether your Englewood home’s roof is old or damaged, we can fix it all. Since our inception in the roof replacement industry, we have shown that we can handle any re-roofing project.

We want to keep your roof replacement cost as low as possible, so you can trust us to help you get the best deal.

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