Metal Roof Replacement in Englewood

Unfortunately, knowing when the time is right to replace your current roof with a metal one may not be straightforward. If you are a homeowner in Englewood and think you might need a replacement for your residential roofing, this article will guide you on everything you need to know.

For many years, Modern Roof Co has provided Englewood residents with top-notch residential roofing replacement. Our track record of high-quality work and excellent customer service speaks for itself. When it comes to replacing your metal roofing, it is essentially about noticing the signs.

Types Of Metal Roof Systems

Before delving into the indications that your metal roof needs to be replaced, it is important to understand the differences between the two metal roof types.

A Standing Seam

A standing seam metal roof system consists of different panels that are mechanically seamed or fastened together around the seams. When the metal warms up, this enables the panels to expand and compress freely.

A Screw-Down Panel

A screw-down panel metal roof because it is fastened down with the fasteners visible. Screws and washers are screwed through the face of the metal to secure the panels.

This technique of fastening the metal prevents it from expanding and contracting naturally. It is not advisable to use a screw-down panel roof system over any heated living or working area since it doesn’t allow expansion.

Metal Roof Replacement In Englewood

Signs That You Need A Metal Roof Replacement

So, how do you determine when it is time for a roof replacement?

Some of the signs to note include:

The Roof Has Aged Considerably

If the metal roof panels’ painted finish has surpassed the 30-year mark (standing seam only), a replacement might be in order. It is most likely Every major steel panel maker utilizes a proprietary technique for applying a painted finish known as Kynar 500 to standing seam metal shingles and panels. This painted finish prevents the roof color from fading and shields your metal surfaces from the weather.

The Kynar 500 coating is expected to last for up to 30 years. It would help if you began planning for the replacement of your standing seam metal roof once the paint warranty expires.

The finish is not entirely gone just because the paint guarantee has expired. If there is significant rust or the color of your metal panels is fading rapidly, you should consider replacing your metal roof.

Damages To The Metal Roof Panels

Note that the Kynar 500 painted finish safeguards the metal panels from the weather while also preventing the color from fading. However, your standing seam metal roof’s lifespan will be cut short if anything damages, dents, or scratches the painted surface.

This may be the result of fallen branches or significant hail damage. It may also be caused by other artisans stepping on your roof or painters dropping paint and cleaning it off the panels with chemicals.

If the Kynar 500 coating on your metal panels is damaged for any reason, you will need to replace your standing seam metal roof as soon as possible.

The Fasteners Are Beginning To Sag

The fasteners on a screw-down metal roof are visible over the top of the panels. These fasteners become wallowed out without the expansion and contraction features until they are too large for the screws that keep the metal panels in place.

You can use bigger size screws and extend the life of your screw-down metal roof if you solve the problem immediately. However, if you do not detect these wallowed fasteners, leaks will begin to appear. Wind will also be a problem since it will be able to get beneath the panels and pull them up.

You will have to start replacing the screw-down panels if you prolong dealing with the wallowed-out fasteners. Even if it is just one panel that needs replacement, you might want to consider replacing the entire metal roof. During the yearly maintenance inspection, your local roofing contractor will examine your fasteners for wallowing.

A Storm Damaged The Metal Panels

This may seem self-evident, but anything that compromises the integrity of your metal panels will necessitate a roof replacement. Natural forces, such as severe storms, hail, and wind, are generally to blame.

A tree limb (or perhaps a whole tree) falling on your standing seam metal roof, for example, may do significant damage to the panels. If the limbs create significant dents and scratches in the metal panels, it is time to repair your roof before an expensive leak occurs. Note that if your metal roof sustains storm damage, it may not be covered by insurance.

Metal Roof Replacement in Englewood

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