Roof Coating in Denver, CO

The state of your roof has a direct bearing on your business’s bottom line. That’s why applying a roof coating to your commercial property can have such a dramatic impact on your business. With a roof coating from Modern Roof Co. your Denver business can save money by increasing your energy efficiency while extending the life of your roof.

What Is Roof Coating?

For the most part, businesses in Denver have flat or low-slope roofs, which means they have a pitch that’s less than 2/12. While these roofs are typically made of either a built-up bitumen or a single-ply membrane system, a roof coating can be applied to either material with similar ease and effectiveness.

Applied as liquids, a roof coating dries to form a seamless waterproof membrane that’s permanently attached to your roof. With a variety of colors available, you can choose a striking color to stand out or maximize your energy efficiency by making your roof coating white, silver, or another light color.

Roof Coating Material

Modern Roof Co. offers two different types of roof coating materials: silicone and acrylic. The differences in the materials offer distinct kinds of protection. At Modern Roof Co. we have experts who can help you decide which material is right for your roof—and for your budget.


Acrylic roof coatings come in a form that is similar to paint. It’s spread across your roof using sprayers and rollers, just like paint, but when it dries the result is a waterproof plastic membrane, which is much more durable. Your acrylic roof coating should dry to a thickness of around 30 mils, which is roughly 5-10x thicker than the normal thickness of paint. We also offer white roof coating, silver roof coating, and a variety of other colors to suit your style.

An acrylic roof coating offers a number of benefits, including:

  • More cost-effective than other roof treatments
  • Lower utility costs with high UV reflection
  • Weather-proof durability
  • Option to make your roof coating silver, white, or any other color
  • Resistant to dirt to keep your roof looking clean


Silicone roof coatings work very similarly to acrylic coatings. Both are applied as a liquid and dry to form a waterproof membrane without any seams. However, while acrylic coatings create a hard shell of plastic, a silicone roof coating forms a rubber-like membrane, with more flexibility. While usually more expensive than acrylic, silicone roof coating has a number of benefits:

  • Higher UV reflection
  • Less likely to crack from normal contraction and expansion of roof
  • Resists mold and algae growth
  • More durable than acrylic

Benefits of a Roof Coating

Skyline with buildings that have different roof coatings

The team at Modern Roof Co. is committed to helping our Denver customers find the best options for keeping their buildings water-tight while also saving as much money as possible. Our roof coatings are an excellent option to maximize your utility savings while extending the life of your roof. Here are a few reasons why:


Normally, a low-slope roof should last somewhere between 15-40 years, depending on what kind of roof you have installed. However, no matter what material your roof is made of, a roof coating can help extend that lifespan. You’ll add protection from weather like hail, rain, and snow, while enhancing the waterproof qualities of your roof.

Energy Efficiency

Buildings with dark-colored roofs can absorb a tremendous amount of heat from the sun. As a result, business owners in these buildings end up spending much more than they need to in order to keep their buildings cool, especially during the hot summer months.

When you apply a light-colored roof coating, you’ll end up reflecting up to 90% of the sun’s UV rays, which will dramatically reduce the amount of heat passing into your building. And because a roof coating is so much more durable than paint, you won’t have to repeat the process year after year. Best of all, a roof coating can help you get LEED certification.

Seals and Prevents Leaks

When your liquid roof coating is applied, it can spread into the small holes or developing cracks in your roof, sealing any leaks that may have developed. It also helps keep future leaks from developing by encasing your roof in a protective membrane.

Roof Coating Denver

If you’re interested in a roof coating for your commercial property, contact Modern Roof Co. and we’ll schedule your FREE estimate today. We are proud experts in roof coating Denver buildings. We’ll make sure you get the roof coating that you need for your business.

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