Residential Roofing in Colorado Springs, CO

Most people think a roof is just that: a roof. Residential roofing, however, is much more than meets the eye. When the ever-changing Colorado weather is factored in, ensuring a safe and structurally sound roof demands a great deal of knowledge and expertise. Modern Roof Co has been providing professional roofing services and prompt service to meet the demands of residential roofing in Colorado Springs, CO homes for several years.

Residential Roofing Options

Our entire team is comprised of highly trained, skilled, and certified roofers. Our crew foreman is constantly on-site during the job to ensure a high-quality roof. Each roof is also owner-inspected during the installation.

All completed roof installations and attic areas are inspected and approved only after they satisfy strict requirements, and you are completely happy. Some of the residential roofing materials we work with include:

Asphalt Shingles

Asphalt shingles are the most used roofing material in the United States because they perform well in all types of weather. They are now manufactured from fiberglass or a similar substance. Then, they are coated with asphalt

For decades, asphalt shingle roofs have been the most preferred option among roofers and homeowners alike. This appeal stems from the fact that they are the most durable and cost-effective of all roofing alternatives.

Home with Asphalt Shingles
Other advantages include the option to choose from a variety of colors and the fact that they can withstand high temperatures and fire. Asphalt shingles are also weatherproof and very simple to install, making them ideal for a rapid renovation. Asphalt shingles typically have a 25 year lifetime, but with appropriate care and maintenance, they may last as long as 30-40 years.

Metal Roofing

Metal roofing is available in vertical panels or shingles that look like slate, tile, or shake. The roofing may last up to 60 years. Metal sloughs off heavy snow and rain, does not burn, and can withstand severe winds.

Metal roof on Farm house in Colorado Springs

It is light and may be installed on top of existing roofs. Depending on the kind and design of metal, it costs more than asphalt but less than concrete tiles. Corrosion is also different depending on the material.


Slate roofing can survive for almost a century. It is non-combustible, waterproof, and mold and fungus resistant. In damp areas, slate is useful, but it is costly, heavy, and easily damaged when stomped. Slate is resilient against weather conditions that may spell disaster for other roofing materials.

Wood Shakes

While it may not appear so at first appearance, wood shake roofing is an excellent type of roofing material for the ecologically conscious homeowner. Despite the fact that they are composed of wood, most shake roofing shingles and panels are derived from renewable sources and gathered and processed in environmentally friendly ways.

They are also becoming more popular since, with appropriate care and upkeep, wood shake may last up to 50 years. Although they are more expensive to install, their long lifetime and absence of environmental effect keeps them as a great choice for your home. We love the beautifully rustic and attractive finish wood shake makes for your Colorado Springs home. It will be a roof that is sure to last.

About Modern Roof Co

Modern Roof Co has been Colorado Springs’s leading roofer for many years, specializing in roof replacement and installation. Because your family’s comfort, safety, and peace of mind are crucial, a sturdy and dependable roof should be a top concern for your house.

Our skilled roofers are roofing installation professionals who will protect what matters most to you: your house and family. Our company dedicates ourselves to our customers. With years of expert service, or team of certified roofers will keep your roof replacement in good hands. We will ensure that we keep you, the customer, in the front of our minds throughout the whole project.

Your roof is most likely the most critical system in your home for protecting it from the elements. Our roofing professionals are skilled. Their expertise includes roof maintenance to roof repairs, hail damage, and roof restoration.