Commercial Roofing in Cheyenne, WY

With nearly four decades in the commercial roofing industry, Modern Roof Co has the skills and resources to tackle projects of all shapes and sizes. We can help with commercial roof maintenance and repair, not to mention commercial roof replacement and new builds.

Over the years, our roofing contractors have laid more than one million square feet of commercial roofing in the Denver area. Every day, we’re working hard to do the same in Cheyenne.

When you align with Modern Roof Co, you will immediately feel the difference. Unlike your average commercial roofing company, we care about the final product. That’s why we strive to put together fair, transparent, and cost effective bids for your specific price range.

Commercial Roofing Systems

Modern Roof Co can lend a hand with commercial roof repair, roof replacements, or even basic asphalt shingles. Visit our website to read more about our roofing material options and high-quality commercial roofing services.

Our roof experts have extensive roofing experience with a wide range of structures. We work with some of the most common commercial roofing systems as follows.

  • Mechanically Attached Roof Systems
  • Ballasted System
  • Fully Adhered Roof System
  • Induction-Welded Roof Installation

If you have a commercial building in the area, we’d love to talk! You can get a free estimate and inspection by filling out our contact form.

Types of Commercial Roofs

For all types of commercial roofs, it’s imperative to use the best quality materials available. We work with world-renowned brands to ensure that your roof holds up for the long term. Some of our preferred manufacturers include Fiberlite, GAF, Owens Corning, Versico, Johns Manville, and Malarkey.

The text below will provide information about the types of roofs we work with, the materials, and the advantages. If you want to discuss these items in greater depth, call us at the Cheyenne office. Our customer service representatives are happy to share more details.

1. TPO, PVC, and EPDM

Materials like Tpo, Pvc, and Epdm are some of the most popular types of single ply membrane systems. If you have a building with a commercial flat roof, these roofing membranes are a solid option. Consider that each type has its pros, cons, and price point, So proceed accordingly.

Give us a call today to discuss tpo, pvc, and epdm roof specifications for your commercial project. In addition, we can help extend the mil with Fleece back roofing. We also provide options for Carlisle’s patented Apeel Protective Film technology or Velcro And Carlisle RapidLock Roofing Systems.

2. Built-up Roofing and Modified Bitumen

Roofing membranes like built-up roofing (BUR) and modified bitumen (MB) are ideal for low-slope and flat commercial structures. In general, they are made with layers of bitumen and supporting materials that act as a complete membrane.

There are many advantages of built-up and modified bitumen, including increased membrane lifespan and reduced energy consumption. They also act as an extra layer of protection against water damage and leaks. If you want to read more about the benefits of multi-ply membranes, visit our built-up roofing and modified bitumen section.

3. Commercial Metal Roofing

These days, metal roofing is popular for commercial and residential buildings alike. Every day we get questions about metal roofs as more people realize the various benefits. Perhaps the best thing about metal roofing is its range of styles. There’s a color and design to match every structure imaginable.

While it’s true that metal roofs cost a pretty penny, this type of roof has the advantages to back it up. For one, metal roofing is considered fire resistant. What’s more, metal roofs come with 30-50 year warranties. In most situations, they can help save big money on your electric bill and boost the overall value of your building.

4. Green Roofing

As outlined by the Denver Green Roof Ordinance, anywhere between 20-60 percent of commercial roof space needs to implement green roofing techniques. The initiative applies if you have a new building, roof replacement, or additions exceeding 25,000 square feet.

While you may be worried, the truth is this initiative is inspiring. Aside from laying the groundwork for sustainable development, it offers a range of benefits. First, green roofing helps your membrane last three times longer. Moreover, it reduces your energy bill while adding several points to your LEED certification.

5. Roof Coating

Roof coatings are beneficial because they bounce more than ninety percent of heat. They also absorb destructive UV rays that can cause massive damage. If that wasn’t enough, consider that roof coatings protect your building from leaks and water damage. On average, roof coatings save our clients up to $5,000 annually.

Compared to repair or replacement services, a roof coating is much cheaper as well. If you’re interested in roof coatings, Modern Roof Co can help. Our application specialists work with silicone and acrylic, and we can get you a solid price.

About Cheyenne, WY

At an elevation of 6,063 feet, Cheyenne, Wyoming, experiences long winters with heavy snow, freezing, hail, and high winds. If you have a regional commercial business, it’s always a good idea to partner up with a local roofing company.

The good news is there’s nothing our skilled roofing experts can’t handle. If you need assistance with commercial roofing, residential roofs, or even multifamily units, please reach out for more information.

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