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Are you looking for commercial roof replacement and repair services in Cherry Hills Village CO? You’ve come to the right place. It can be a very difficult, and time consuming task to determine if your commercial roof simply needs a few repairs or an entire full roof replacement!

At Modern Roof Co, we understand how big this decision can be for commercial property owners. Our experts are ready to help walk you through the options available to you. We want to make this process as simple, affordable and straightforward as possible so your roof can be fixed (or replaced) in no time.

Look no further for information on roof replacements in Colorado. We’ll answer all your burning questions below.

When Do I Know It’s Time To Repair My Roof?

Many homeowners struggle to make the decisions due to the price of a full roof replacement cost. So, let’s first look at when it’s the best option to fix instead of fully replace.

Minor Roof Damage

The best time to consider repairs is if your roof has only experienced minor damage. Perhaps only a few shingles have blown off due to wind damage.

Replacing them is the simple and inexpensive option. For example, damaged or torn asphalt shingles can be replaced with new ones quite easily. However, other roofing materials such as metal panels can be more complex or expensive to replace.

A downside to this approach is matching the color of your shingles to the new ones. Often due to natural elements, even if the shingles were the same colors, they will be slightly discolored. So, colors of the new shingles may be close, but not exactly the same.

Moderate Roof Damage

Simple damages can be repaired quite easily, however if your roof has experienced more significant damage this can be a tough call between repair and replacement. Usually, if the damage is confined to one section or side of your roof a repair can be made. Partial re-roofing will likely cost less than a complete roofing project.

Again, however, one downside to the partial reroofing is aesthetics. It can be difficult to exactly match the shingles and tiles to the original color. As a result, a reroofed portion may really stand out from the rest of the roof!

Cherry Hills Village CO Commercial Roof Replacement & Repair

Reasons For A Full Roof Replacement

While repairing your roof may solve some of your roof’s problems temporarily, there are times you need to fully replace the roof for your safety. Here are a few reasons that may be the case.

Your Roof is Leaking

Having a leaky roof that causes water damage is one of the most common reasons homeowners need roof replacements! It is usually one of the first signs there is major damage to your roof’s membrane somewhere.

If you have noticed water stains inside your home on the ceilings or walls, that is another sign of a leaky roof. Regardless of the source of the leaking issues, it’s vital to solve a leaky roof quickly. Something as small as a tiny roof leak can lead to bigger problems such as:

  • Mold
  • Rotting frames and structural elements
  • Damaged ceiling
  • Destroyed insulation

Your Roof Is Old

Do you know when your roof was first installed? While it does depend on the type of roofing material used, your roof’s age is a great indication of when it’s time to replace it!

A good rule of thumb to remember is that a roof needs to be replaced every 15-20 years for most roofs. However, metal roofs are known to last much longer. Replacing an older roof instead of making little repairs constantly can be 100% worth the investment for years to come.

Extent of Roof Damage

If you’re still stuck between deciding if a replacement or repair is right for you, here are a few things to consider.

Major signs of damage, while they differ between the different types of roofing materials fall primarily into two categories.

Aesthetic damage:

  • Roof and materials look old and worn out
  • Moss, dark algae is growing in the roofing materials
  • Missing a few shingles here and there

Structural damage:

  • Curled asphalt or wood shingles
  • Missing granules or bald spots on your asphalt shingles
  • Cracked asphalt, tile and/or wood shingles
  • Dented asphalt or other roofing components
  • Rusting metal shingles and/or panels
  • Leaks

Benefits of A New Roof

While replacement may seem to be more expensive, in the long run it may be a good idea. It can save you money by helping you avoid costs from constant repairs. A new roof also offers perks such as updated curb appeal and aesthetics, increased energy efficiency, and peace of mind knowing your roof is safe and sound.

Commercial Roof Replacement and Repair in Cherry Hills Village, CO

The city of Cherry Hills Village, CO is located in Arapahoe county. Barely south of Denver, Cherry Hills Village is a fantastic location for both families and singles alike. A predominantly residential city of 6.5 square miles and a population of 6,000 people, Cherry Hills Village was proudly named among the wealthiest neighborhoods in the U.S. according to Bloomberg’s annual ranking of “richest places.” This Denver suburb ranks No. 4 on the list with an average annual household income of $406,314.

Due to the harsh winter storms that impact Cherry Hills Village in the winter, it is imperative homeowners and business owners alike consider their options before damage strikes. If you’re looking for Cherry Hills Village roofing help, Modern Roof Co is here to assist.

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