Roof Insurance Claims in Aurora, CO

Having a sturdy, durable roof over your business is vital. After all, you can’t operate efficiently without it. When wind damage, storm damage, and/or hail damage strikes, you don’t have time to worry about your roof insurance claims in Aurora. Between negotiating costs and determining what repairs you actually need, the whole process can be time-consuming. 

However, it’s easy to put your facility’s roofing issues on the back burner, especially when you’re busy running your business.

That’s where Modern Roof Co. comes in!

Beyond Roofing Repairs

At Modern Roof Co., we do more than just repair or replace your roof as needed. We’ll actually help you through every step of the process, starting with your roof insurance claim here in Aurora. 

We are the experts in all things roof coverage. We know how to talk to homeowners insurance adjusters and get you the best price possible.

To us, you aren’t just money in our wallets. You’re our customers and, since we’re a Colorado-based company, our neighbors. 

Our community and its people are extremely important to us. We understand that local businesses in Aurora play a huge part in building the local economy.

That’s why we’ll work diligently with your insurance claims adjuster to assess and fix your roofing issue(s) as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible.

Ice and snow can cause roof damage.

Assessing Wear and Tear

Roofing damage occurs for a variety of reasons. Colorado is our home, and it’s absolutely stunning. The winters are beautiful, and the attractions in Aurora are enticing.

From beautiful parks and shopping to reservoirs and museums, Aurora has it all. However, there’s no denying that Colorado weather can be intense and unpredictable.

Wind Damage

Us Coloradans have a love/hate relationship with the windy weather. While a cool breeze feels great, too much of it wreaks havoc on our roofs.

The windier part of the year lasts for 6 months, from November to May, with average wind speeds of more than 8.2 miles per hour!

Wind damage can impact your roof in a variety of ways. It can blow shingles off of it or blow other objects, like trees, onto it.

Regardless of how wind damage occurs, it’s a difficult force to deal with, especially when combined with thunderstorms, hail, or snow. 

Storm Damage

Thunderstorms are quite prevalent in Aurora due to our climate and topography. Unfortunately, these storms can cause significant damage to your roof in a multitude of ways.

From lightning and high winds to flooding and roof leaks, it only takes one bad storm to create major roofing issues.

Snowstorms are also a big threat to roofs in Aurora. In March of 2021, there was a blizzard that was so intense the city had to make an emergency declaration!

Mounting snow, intense winds, and relentless hail can make snowstorms scary for business owners in Colorado.

Hail Damage

According to an NICB report, Colorado had the second-highest number of hail claims in the U.S from 2017-2019, second only to Texas.

Hail is particularly damaging because of how big it can get. Hail can pummel into roofs and create significant damage for Aurora residents.

You Aren’t Alone

In Colorado, roof damage almost feels inevitable. As beautiful as our state and city are, we can’t ignore that severe weather occurs frequently.

Every time there are strong winds or hail storms, your roof is at risk for damage. It can be something small that requires an easy patch, or something big that requires a pricey roof replacement. We can’t predict what type of damage our roofs receive. This can be scary!

However, you don’t have to face roofing damage alone. Modern Roof Co. has over 35 years of experience under our belts.

We’ve seen it all! That’s why we’re dedicated to helping business owners in Aurora fix their roofs as efficiently as possible.

No one wants to deal with roof insurance claims in Aurora. 

Let us do the talking! We know exactly how to negotiate and get you a great price for your roofing repairs.

That way, you can get back to focusing on your business instead of dealing with insurance companies or other roofing companies that aren’t dedicated to helping you.

Modern Roof Co.: The Commercial and Residential Roofing Experts

Everything we do is completed with keen attention to detail. When you call us to assess your roof, we’ll look at every square inch of it. Even the smallest cracks don’t go unnoticed.

It all starts with one phone call. We have a full-service team of extremely knowledgeable experts ready to assist you.

Modern Roof Co. was founded on the principle that all people deserve high quality customer service. No matter what your concerns are, we’ll be there for you every step of the way. The roof insurance claims process can be simple!

But, don’t just take it from us! Check out some of our reviews from local Colorado residents. 

Let’s Get to Work!

There’s no time to waste when it comes to roof damage. Give us a call today and we’ll get started on your roof insurance claims process.

Modern Roof Co. covers your roof in no time, so you can get back to your busy schedule.

Contact Modern Roof Co. today at (720) 507-8472. You can also drop us a line here for additional information on all of our services.

Don’t forget to ask about a free estimate! With Modern Roof Co. on your side, your roof troubles will be a thing of the past.