Roof Coatings In Arvada, CO

Roof coatings offer many benefits to business owners in Arvada. For one, they help save big money on energy costs. When coatings are applied, they can also increase the life of your commercial structure and minimize roof maintenance.

The Basics of Roof Coating

Generally speaking, businesses in Colorado have low-slope or flat roofs, meaning their pitch is below 2/12. Usually, these buildings are constructed with single-ply membranes or built-up bitumen. Regardless of the material, we can apply a roof coating system to any type of roof with relative ease.

Once the initial fluid is applied, the coating applications dry, forming a permanent, water-resistant roof membrane. For those that want to boost energy efficiency, we recommend lighter shades like silver and white.

Types of Coatings

Although there are many different roof coating types, we specialize in acrylic and silicone. It’s important to understand that each variety (water and solvent based) has pros and cons, offering different levels of protection. Which one is best depends on various factors, including your budget, personal preference, and the status of your commercial structure. Our coating specialists can help you determine the right one for your business.

Acrylic coatings

The application process for acrylic roof coatings is very similar to paint. The roofing contractor will use rollers and sprayers to complete the procedure. Once it dries, the liquid forms an elastomeric roof coating on top of the existing roof, enhancing its lifespan. On average, acrylic roof coatings are roughly 30 mils wide. That’s five-to-ten times thicker than paint.

Aside from the features mentioned above, here are a few more advantages.

  • Various color options
  • Added layer of weatherproofing
  • Cost-efficiency
  • Resistant to dirt (looks cleaner)
  • High reflectivity – UV stable

Silicone roof coatings

The functionality of silicone and acrylic coatings is quite comparable. Our specialists apply both materials as a liquid to create a seamless base coat that’s waterproof and highly durable. While acrylic forms a more rigid plastic, silicone roof coatings are rubbery and offer more flexibility. With that said, here are some more outstanding benefits.

  • Withstands algae and mold
  • Improved longevity compared to acrylic
  • Enhanced UV reflection
  • Protection against expansion and contraction

Benefits of Roof Coatings

At Modern Roof Co, we value our community and strive to help businesses maintain a water-tight building and save money simultaneously. If you’re looking to optimize your finances while extending the life of your commercial structure, please contact us for more details! In the meantime, here is some more information about the overall benefits of roof coatings.

roof coatings specialist applying a fresh coat

Longevity & Durability

An average low-slope roof has a lifespan between 15 and 40 years. No matter your roof type, roof coatings will help your building last longer. When it comes to combating the extreme winters in Colorado, coating your roof can keep you safe from snow, hail, wind, rain, and everything in between.

Leak Sealant & Waterproofing

During the application process, the liquid coating works its way into the cracks and crevices on your roof. When dried, it creates a robust sealant that helps to avoid leaks in the future, protecting your structure from ponding water all year long.

Improved Energy Efficiency

Any structure with a dark roof will soak up an extreme amount of solar heat. Although dark-colored roofs are prevalent, the truth is they require much more energy to cool. In most cases, we strongly suggest coatings with a lighter color. Since they bounce around 90 percent of UV rays, you can save big money on cooling costs. They can also help you acquire your LEED certification for green buildings.

Roof Coatings in Arvada

If you have a business in Arvada, keeping your building protected from the elements is essential. In any given year, structures in this part of the world are exposed to extended periods of adverse weather conditions.

The best way to avoid costly maintenance is to team up with a commercial roofing company in your best interest. No matter the job, we do our best to deliver cost-effective roofing services that stand the test of time.

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