Roof Insurance Claims

When a storm damages your roof, it can be a stressful time. The insurance process can be long and tedious, but it doesn’t have to be. We will work directly with your insurance company to help ease your stress and the roof insurance claim process be as smooth as possible.

Bad Hail damage in Denver Colorado before roof replacement

Modern Roof Co works with insurance companies all the time. They are often touted as the enemy, but that is not the case. Your insurance company wants to restore your property to its once pristine condition. We work with insurance companies to make the process easy and make sure your most valuable investment is restored.

Our claims experts and project managers will guide you through the roof insurance claim process. We work directly with the insurance claims adjuster and make your claim straightforward. We have decades of experience and know the steps to manage all of the trades involved with the damage to your property.

Whatever the storm damage—from wind-damaged shingles to filing a hail damage roof insurance claim—Modern Roof Co is on your side.

Your Roof Replacement

Dealing with storm damage is a headache you don’t need in your life. It can be a door that opens more and more problems, from the roof to the foundation.

Modern Roof Co employs claims experts that work directly with engineers to provide you with roof reports. We are extremely thorough and make sure all damage is accounted for during our inspections and our meeting with your adjuster.

Let us deal with this insurance headache for you. We are well versed, eager to be on your team, and want you to get the best roof possible.

Insurance Claim Process

Adjusting The Initial Claim

The first step in any roof insurance claim is to contact your insurance provider. We can help you find the number and handle the call, but you will need to call. The first contact is important and Modern Roof Co. can help guide you through it.

The second step in the insurance claim process is the insurance claims adjuster will set up an appointment to inspect your roof. Our project managers will inspect the roof with you and the adjuster. This ensures a proper inspection and accounting of all variables.

The third step is adjusting the claim for the total amount of work. The insurance claims adjuster provides a written scope of work in a week or two. We assess the adjusted scope of work and provide our estimate for the repairs.

This step is essential and Modern Roof Co does its due diligence to handle every available detail. This step of the insurance claims process involves using Xactimate and thoroughly assessing your roof insurance claim. We negotiate with the insurance claims adjuster and mutually agree on a new adjusted scope of work.

The fourth step is construction.

Roof Construction

The fourth step is repairing or replacing your roof. We have crews and subcontractors ready to start working on your roof today. Whether it is hail damage, wind damage, or any storm damage that destroyed your roof, we guarantee to restore your roof completely, and frequently in far better shape.

Communication is necessary during construction. Your insurance will send you checks and notifications for each adjustment made. To make sure your roof construction goes smooth, please keep an open line of communication with Modern Roof Co and your roofing crew regarding communication with your insurance company.

The fifth step is a happy customer and a proud roofing contractor. We complete your roof and handle any additional insurance documentation. We love to hear feedback on our work. If you have time, please provide a review, we appreciate your time.

Hail Damage Roof Insurance Claim

Denver, Colorado, and the surrounding areas are frequent victims of vicious hail storms. When a storm devastates your neighborhood, you can be sure to see hail storm chasers come out of the woodwork.