Single-Ply Roofing Membranes

TPO Roofing Membrane

Thermoplastic Polyolefin (TPO) is a roof membrane that has received a lot of attention and demand in recent years. The material is made of a compounded thermoplastic polyolefin top ply, a fabric center that is polyester-reinforced, and a TPO polymer base. TPO roofing advantages go beyond most other roofing membranes. In addition to UV resistance and ozone resistance, TPO offers:

  • The highest level of Energy efficiency among single-ply roofing membranes

    Energy efficient TPO roof for Intertape Polymer Group's

    Intertape Polymer Group – Brighton, Colorado (TPO Roof)

  • Heat-reflection properties
  • Dynamic color options to fit different buildings
  • Mold Resistance
  • Thermal expansion and contraction (Reinforced TPO)

The low price and easy-to-install nature of TPO roofing make it the most desired roofing membrane for low-sloped buildings. The mil thickness ranges from 40 mils to 80 mils. As TPO is highly energy-efficient, this further drives demand as it brings down costs over time.

The low price and easy-to-install nature of TPO roofing make it the most desired roofing membrane for low-sloped buildings.

PVC Roofing Membrane

Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) roofing is created using the same material as PVC pipes we are all familiar with but has the added benefit of using plasticizers. This makes the material pliable and usable for roofing membranes. PVC roofing is similar to TPO roofing in that it uses a base and top ply synthetic rubber with a polyester-reinforced middle layer. The benefits of PVC roofing are similar to those found in the PVC pipe cousin.

  • Heat-welded to form a single solid layer

    Overhead view of Breckenridge Brewery's PVC Roof

    Breckenridge Brewery – Blake Street, Denver (PVC Roof)

  • High degree of mil thickness flexibility (36 mils to 90 mils)
  • Bacterial resistance and plant root resistance
  • Lightweight and extremely easy to install
  • The highest level of structural integrity

PVC roofing is the strongest of these single-ply systems. It can be custom fabricated to produce seamless and is reinforced right out of the box. The added benefits make this roofing system a little more expensive, but the extra peace of mind knowing you have an incredibly strong roof may be well worth it.

EPDM Roofing Membrane

Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer (EPDM) is a synthesized elastomeric compound that creates a synthetic rubber roofing membrane and is a popular option for low-slope commercial roofs. The main ingredients are ethylene and propylene, the E and the P in EPDM, and a small solution of a diene monomer, the D in EPDM. The reasons for this roofing membrane’s popularity are simple.

  • Weathering and Abrasion resistanceEPDM installation St Josephs Roof Repair
  • Excellent flexibility in low-temperature areas
  • Extremely durable
  • Dynamic widths and thickness to suit different roof structures
  • Quick installation

EPDM roofing thicknesses range from 45 mils to 90 mils and have a width range of 7.5 feet to 50 feet. The versatility of the EPDM roof membrane makes it an easy choice for many low-slope roof pitches while keeping the cost affordable.

*EPDM roofing membranes are also offered in white for extra reflectivity.

New Technology For Single-Ply Roofing Membranes

To extend the mil range for TPO, PVC, and EPDM membrane sheets beyond normal specifications, ask for Fleece Back roofing.

The normal top range for single-ply roofing membranes is 90 for PVC and EPDM, and 80 for TPO roofing.

With fleece back roofing, the ranges extend to 135 mils for both PVC and EPDM and up to 155 mils for TPO. That’s a 50% increase for PVC and EPDM and a 93% increase for TPO.

Those are substantial numbers, but what does that mean for you, the customer.

Fleece back offers two major advantages:

  1. Thicker insulation for a lower price (addition protection)
  2. Reduction of installation costs

You get more for your money with Fleece Back roofing membranes.

Carlisle Patented Apeel Protective Film

To see a roof finished but dirty because of scuffs and dirt accumulation can be frustrating. It may look as if nothing changed at all.

You know that your new roof is in excellent shape, especially if Modern Roof installed it, but it may not look that way. So much for showing off to the neighbors.

Carlisle’s patented Apeel Protective Film technology has a solution for your dirty roof.

*Keep in mind that TPO roofing is currently the only roofing membrane using this technology.

After installation and clean-up, our crew strips the Apeel protective film technology to reveal a sparkling and new-looking TPO roof. If you’re missing the intended pun in the word Apeel, fret not, you’ll understand when you see your new roof.

Call up the neighbors and show them to your roof. It’s bragging time.

Velcro And Carlisle RapidLock Roofing System

If you attended the 2018 International Roofing Expo, then you may have seen the RapidLock Roofing System win Best Commercial Product.

In a collaboration between Velcro and Carlisle Syntec, the RapidLock Roofing System uses Velcro to adhere to membrane sheets.

Typical installation requires using some sort of adhesive, such as glue, to install the roofing membranes. This process can be tedious and relies on proper weather conditions for correct installation.

Using Velcro saves time and labor on the installation process and RapidLock allows installation in ALL weather conditions. Yes. ALL.

For your property owners who are worried about staying on schedule because of wild weather (we do live in Denver), a Velcro solution might help put your worries at ease.

RapidLock is odor-free, lacks a temperature restriction for application, and the absence of glue can potentially boost your points towards a LEED certification.

Here are some additional benefits:

  • Puncture Resistance
  • Hail Resistance
  • TPO and EPDM FleeceBACK Membrane Options
  • Factory Mutual 1-90 Approval Rating
  • Comparable Wind Uplift Ratings to Single-Ply Roofing Membranes

This Velcro roofing system is ready for application today and Modern Roof Co has the necessary connections to make it happen.

When you’re looking for a single-ply roofing membrane solution, Modern Roof Co is the answer. We provide many commercial roofing services and offer a free inspection to all our customers. Call or contact us today.