Choosing the Best Roof for Extreme Weather

It is no surprise that living in Colorado means that you are going to have extreme weather. When it comes to choosing the best roof for extreme weather, the type of roofing materials you choose matters. There is no doubt that the mountains bring a whole bunch of different weather patterns.  From hail and high winds in the summer to sleet and extreme cold in the winter, you have to be ready for it all.

Why Does Denver Have Extreme Weather?

According to a Denver Post article from November 2019, there are several factors that impact the weather, but the resounding sentiment from natives is, “If you don’t like the weather wait 15 minutes.”

Geography is a huge contributing factor to the vast temperature swings that are often experienced in the area.  Ultimately though the mountains that we all love are really what make the weather what it is. While we could write an entire article about it, what you really need to know is that a sudden drop in temperature or sudden spike of temperature impacts your roof.

Choosing Roofing Materials For Extreme Weather

There are a lot of factors that come into play when choosing a roofing material.  Since we are not all made of money we have to pick the best roofing materials for our budget and conditions.  Use this quick guide to help educate yourself on different types of roofing materials

Wind Resistant Roofing Materials

It is true that all roofing materials have a degree of wind resistance to them when laid right.  However, some materials will perform better in high winds than others due to material, design or both.

  • Metal standing seam:  This is the type of roof most people picture when you say metal roof.  It is that way because it has stood the test of time.  The large sheet design helps it to not lift during wind events.
  • Metal shingle roof:  Chances are you have seen one of these and not even know it.  They look similar to a shingle roof however all of the tiles interlock together making them wind and weather resistant.

Energy-Efficient Roofing Materials

With the blistering cold winters that blanket Colorado to the warm summer temperatures, energy efficiency is critical for Denver area homes.  There are several energy-efficient materials on the market.  Keep in mind that color can impact efficiency as well.

  • Energy rated asphalt shingle: These shingles are thicker and include features that help to reflect sunlight to keep your home just the right temperature.  They will also aid in lowering energy bills as well.
  • Slate roofing: One of the oldest roofing materials is incredibly durable but also very energy efficient due to its density.  Keep in mind that slate roofing can cost considerably more than other options.

High Durability Roof Materials

With extreme weather comes extreme storm conditions that can often cause hail and sleet that can damage a roof very easily.  Here are a few great options to keep your home protected.

  • Plastic polymer: Relatively new in the roofing industry, plastic polymer roofs are making a huge splash in the market.  They are lightweight and durable making them an easy choice for many roofing applications.  Additionally, with a life of up to 50 years, they are a pretty safe bet.
  • Wooden shaker: There is a reason why cedar shingles have been used in the northeast for hundreds of years.  They are durable and hold up to extreme weather conditions.  Not the cheapest option but a sure bet on a long-lasting roof.

Protecting Commercial Roofs From Extreme Weather In Denver

Many of the products listed above can be used for both commercial and residential roofing projects.  But there are a few types of roofing types that are more common on commercial projects.

High-efficiency Commercial Roofing Materials

The materials offer great energy efficiency while withstanding the weather created by the Rocky Mountains.  They also help align with Denver’s green building initiatives.

Green roof

  • Green roofs: They have been around for a while but are becoming much more popular due to durability and environmental impacts.  With a combination of traditional flat roof materials combined with greenery, these roofs help your building blend in while standing out.
  • Thermoplastic polyolefin (TPO): Regarded as the most efficient flat roof material on the market, it provides durability and efficiency.

Making The Right Choice

There are a lot of variables that go into choosing the right roof for your home or business.  We know that not every solution is the right one for you, which is why our team takes the time to understand your needs and makes recommendations specifically for your situation.  When choosing the right roofing material we use the following questions to help guide you through the process

  • What is your budget?
  • What is the most important feature of your roof material?
  • When do you need it installed?
  • Are there any building code requirements that need to be considered?
  • What is the style of the building?

Why Modern Roof Co

Modern Roof Co was founded on the principle that all people deserve the utmost quality and customer service, especially during home construction projects. When a storm damages your most valuable asset, we at Modern Roof Co are here to ease the worries and struggle of restoration. If you’re remodeling or updating, we are here to exceed expectations within the rebuilding process. No matter the reason for your roofing needs, Modern Roof Co is the top choice for a smooth and satisfactory construction experience.

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